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What is E-cigarette?

Electronic Cigarettes are used to vape e-liquid and is currently the most popular alternative to smoking and, with good reason. Electronic Cigarettes are designed to deliver nicotine and crave the hunger for smoking. You could say the main reason it’s so popular is the fact that it resembles the real thing. Whilst many people have given up smoking using this method, many have found that it offers them a much safer alternative, and continue to vape e-liquid, which contains nicotine, instead of smoking.

Atomisers & Cartridge style Vaping

This is one of the original methods of delivering a good vape and this method is still used today by thousands all over the world. First of all you drip some liquid in to a cartridge, a bit like a filter tip on a cigarette, but where the filter should be is a special material which is used to soak up the e-liquid. The liquid is then soaked up by the atomiser which plugs into a battery. When the battery heats up the atomizer and the e-liquid it soaked up it generates a steamy vapor for you to inhale, this gives you that nice throat hit feeling like smoking the real thing!

If you don’t like the idea of using cartridges why not have a try at using a drip tip and drip liquid straight on to the atomiser. If using the ego devices we recommend using the dual coil cartomizers for best performance or the ego tank atomizers. Tank atomizers work in the same way but use a tank system to deliver the liquid to the atomizer instead of a cartridge.

Cartomizer style Vaping

Cartomizer are essentially the same as atomisers and carts, but with the clever idea of housing them inside one unit. This then plugs straight into the battery after the e-liquid has been dripped into the inside wool type material of the cartomizer. A lot of people vaping are getting into this method, not because its cheaper, simply because its just as easy and can hold more juice. This reduces maintenance time and the need to keep refilling your cartridge. If you’re a heavy smoker then it’s a good idea to have a look at this method.

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